New York

Organic cocktails in the East Village

After spending most of the weekend satisfying our craving for American microbrews, we stopped by Counter, an East Village institution at 6 years old, and were quite pleased with their cocktail selection.


June 2009 113

Specializing in organic drinks and vegetarian cuisine, Counter has a beautiful round bar and their drinks menu is refreshing: beers are from organic breweries from all over the world while most cocktails are based on homemade flavoured vodkas.

While D sampled some California organic beers (just tell him "We only have 3 left in stock" and he’ll order anything, really),I picked a very, very pink cosmo-style drink which I can’t wait to recreate at home once we start making our own vodka infusions (oh yes, we will): lavender-rosemary infused vodka, cranberry juice and soda, topped with a flamed-roasted rosemary sprig and a fresh cranberry.

June 2009 111

Oh and they have a free bar snacks policy as well – and when I say snack, I say, for example, cold asparagus tapas I will crave for the next 6 months.