Power cut in Luang Prabang

We woke up a little bit before 6 this morning. Well we did wake up once before that when the pregnant cat came over to Dennis, meowing and seeming like she wanted to give birth on his chest but once that was sorted – we are still considering adopting a Lao kitten for the rest of the trip – we woke up again when the fan in our 6 beds dorm stopped working. It was hot. And sticky.

Fan off and a constant, slow paced beeping. And a snoring Canadian roommate. One of our other Canadian roomates got up and confirmed that there was no power anywhere in the building. Getting out of bed, we found out that there was no electricity anywhere in the city.

It’s been more than two hours now and locals are just lounging around, there does not seem to be any stress linked to the fact that this town of 26,000 inhabitants is completely out of power. I guess that it’s not that big of a deal when you live on grilled fresh fish (we had some last night at the hostel: beautiful).

More worrying than power per se is the fact that all ATMs in the city have stopped functioning 24 hours ago. In a town that limits the amount of cash you can take out to about US$70 and where most excursions will costs $30 per person, the ATM issue meant that many people completely ran out of cash. For hostels, it also meant that many travelers who were supposed to check out this morning were unable to get the money to pay for their rooms.

We had a cooking class planned for today… not sure if it is going to happen.

And yet, no one is running, no one seems to be really bothered, everyone is smiling and hanging out, as usual.

Laos is great.

Laos, jour 1

Après une journée au Laos, nous voilà complètement sous le charme de Luang Prabang. petite ville, routes pas tout à fait asphaltées, moines novices qui se baladent partout, une auberge de jeunesse accueillante qui est plus comme une immense maison qu’une auberge…

Aujourd’hui, nous avons:

– Pris une bière au bord du Mékong en regardant les bateaux naviguer les courant (il est fort!)

– Fait une sieste sur une véranda pendant une averse

– Surpris des moines en pleins chants méditatifs dans un temple tout droit sorti de nos rêves: intérieur doré rempli d’une bonne demi-douzaine de Bouddhas en or. Les chants étaient de toute beauté.

– Pris une photo d’une grosses araignées beige poilue juste pour Marie-Christine (à venir)

Et demain?

– lever à 4h45 pour aller voir les gens faire l’aumône aux moines sur la rue principale avant le lever du jour

– Essayer de réserver ces fameux cours de cuisine

– Relaxer