With a Little Help From Our Friend – What Would You Cook?

At this point you probably all know that we love to cook – and to eat. You probably also all know that we have spent the past month camping in our new Brooklyn apartment, still waiting for our stuff to arrive from London (it was due in early December).

Photo from Kirey on Flickr

What you may not know is that we know some pretty cool people. And by cool, I mean generous. Take Maggie for example. She loves food too. And she is meant to be an amazing cook – I mean anyone who has a meat smoker in their backyard gets our respect but Maggie and her husband actually spend weekends sleeping on shifts when they smoke meat, to make sure they can keep an eye on it. She also has a great food blog and is even on Mashable’s list of Foodies one should follow on Twitter. How about that?

Well Maggie heard about our current cooking plight and decided to help us. Christmas is all about helping people in need, after all.

Read Maggie suggestions in her aptly named post, Dennis and Chloe Need YOUR Help on her blog, Eat Boutique.