Last week’s menu: Mexico

I am taking inspiration from a French blogger whom I have been reading regularly in the past year, Frédérique from Vialbost, to introduce you to our Mexican diet.


Although I was a bit annoyed with the pushy timeshare saleslady who kept on insisting that as ex-New-Yorker/Londoners, we did not know what real Mexican food was, I have to say that we were quite delighted by Mexican food during our stay. It is true, before this week, we very rarely ate Mexican food, and this week at a high end Mexican resort pushed us to finally take a strong stand about it: it is delicious and I would eat it everyday of the week if I could. Which is exactly what we did last week.

Mexico 2009 110


To be honest, we were not expecting much of the resort’s food. This may be why we did not try to push our luck and spent the first few days sticking to the Mexican restaurant, cheaper, more casual than the others and, frankly, very decent although the menu was by far too extensive to make anyone believe it’s all made fresh. We stayed away from the Japanese restaurant as well as from the high-end Italian one but once tried one called Havana Moon because of its beautiful setting. We were however slightly confused to find that the once again very extensive menu was mostly Asian inspired, with pad thai, steak stir fry and other oriental concoctions taking a good 90% of the menu. Hence, that was our only foray in non-Mexican food and the next time we went high-end, it was in Playa del Carmen where we sampled delicious Mayan specialties on a quiet side street – or rather picturesque, since there was merengue music blasting from a neighborhood bar and kids running around in the street.

Mexico 2009 123

So, to follow in Frédérique’s footsteps, here is our menu of the week for the week of June 16-23 2009:


Tuesday night: margarita, guacamole and chips, tlayuda clasica, Modelo Clasico

Wednesday breakfast: fresh fruits, whole grain toast with apricot jam

Wednesday lunch: squid, shrimp and marlin ceviche in red sauce, nachos, Modelo Clasico

Wednesday night: imported Floridian snacks, Pennsylvania pretzels – the one and onlys, really – vegetarian pizza from room service, bloody Mary and cuban cigars, followed by Gentleman Jack’s for D

Thursday breakfast: huevos rancheros, bacon, coffee and fruits

Thursday lunch: guacamole and traditional nachos, Modelo Clasico, Pacifico

Thursday night: chips and salsa, margarita, Modelo Clasico, skirt steak tacos, cochinita tacos, chocolate cake

Friday breakfast: coconut yogurt, peach yogurt, sunscreen

Friday lunch: traditional nachos, Modelo Clasico

Friday night: Bloody Caesar (yes!!!), margarita with golden tequila, garden salad, seafood quesadilla

Saturday morning: yogurts

Saturday lunch: chips, salsa of raw onions, few chili peppers and two pieces of tomato with the best Dos Equis in the world in the beating heat of Tulum

Saturday night: margaritas and homemade local tasting menu at Yaxche in Playa del Carmen including chips with a pumpkin seeds spread and sour cream, traditional tamales, ceviche, Edam cheese stuffed with pork, anchovies, olives and almonds, chicken and zucchini in a chipotle and tamarind cream sauce and cochinita with pickled red onions. Later on, great Mexican wines bought at… Wal-Mart!

Sunday morning: Breakfast buffet, we sampled all of their Mexican dishes including both red and green chilaquiles, churros con chocolate, fresh fruits, tostadas, chicken enchiladas and cochinitas

Sunday lunch: fish tacos, pina colada

Sunday night: steak tacos with cheese, tlayuda clasica

Monday morning: chilaquiles in bed

Monday lunch: fish tacos, Modelo Clasico

Monday night: room service ham and asparagus pizza

Tuesday morning: pina colada yogurt (gotta enjoy it while it lasts!)

Tuesday lunch: junk-ish but still good airport steak tacos and cochinita


Did I also mentioned that we ate at Crema in New York before we left?


So it is with the feeling of having fully taken advantage of Mexican food that we are now leaving North America and as we are writing this on our flight to Hong Kong, we can’t wait for tomorrow’s breakfast: ramen soup!

Chilaquiles au lit

Petit-déjeuner de la semaine:

Petit-dejeuner au lit

Chilaquiles y café, au lit parce que le service aux chambres est meilleur et moins cher que la plupart des restaurants sur le site!

Avis aux sceptiques, en étant dans un hôtel qui n’était pas tout inclus, nous avons très bien mangéau Mexique.La clé? S’en tenir aux spécialités mexicaines.

Notre top 5:

Cochinita avec onions rouges confits et piments habanero

– Tacos de poissons (j’ai honte: bâtonnets de poulet frits, chou râpé et mayonnaise au chipotle dans un taco, rien de naturel ou compliqué ici)

– Chips et salsa

– Ceviche, malgré le fait qu’il y ait quelque chose d’un peu bizarre à manger du poisson cru dans une piscine à 35 degrés sous un soleil de plomb

– Le steak – dans les tacos et sur les tlayudas, il est excellent, probablement mariné

Mentions honorables: chilaquiles ci-dessus et huevos rancheros, plus le café qui, ma foi, n’est pas mauvais.