Paris or The Dilemma of Reasonable Travel

Ah, Paris! I promised to myself that I would never be one of these North Americans who idolizes Paris when there are so many more interesting places in the world. I even had a certain kind of disdain for these people – oddly enough, usually women above 30.

Well guess what? I am almost above thirty, I used to live a stone’s throw away from the City of Lights and I really want to go back!

We are currently trying to plan our holidays for 2010. When we came back from our trip we decided that on top of going back to Europe once a year, we would also try to make it to a 3rd continent yearly. We are already going to Germany in August, and possibly to England as well in September – it’s so nice to finally be able to go to all these weddings! – and are planning some time off in the spring. Obviously, according to plan, this would mean 10 days somewhere exotic we haven’t been yet like Cambodia, northern Thailand or, maybe even a trip back to China, taking in Tibet and maybe northern India.

Velib in the winter - still the best way to get around Paris (image from austinevan on Flickr)

But no – all I really want is a few days in Paris. Now. In the winter, in the cold. I don’t care. I have my perfect day all planned out and I can’t stop thinking about it. The cheeses. The meats. The wine. The cassoulet at La Cantine de Quentin!

We are very tempted to forget about our resolution and just go.

That would not be right, would it?


About Chloe254

Québécoise à peu près trentenaire qui fait de son mieux pour vivre bilingue, a Brooklyn et ailleurs. Si les bars a vins acceptaient les enfants et les chiens, et si mon chien savait se comporter en public, le monde serait parfait.


  1. That’s a lot of carbon emitted… Why not plan a road trip across the US?! Local holidaying is the future!

    We’re probably moving to Paris soon, it is lovely, but why is it so fetishized in the US?

  2. A couple of days does not a resolution break.

    La Cantine de Quentin has good cassoulet? I’m always on the lookout, so thanks!

    And Richard, you’ll find out. Or you’ll hate it.

  3. I guess I am one of the sad NA’s who idolizes Paris…so I’d have to say go to Paris!! But, I can see the draw of exploring other places too. And certainly I want to do that as well! I’d have to say – choose what’s most important to experience for you personally and don’t base it on location and then see where that leads you to go.

  4. Thanks for all your comments – nice to see you here!

    Maggie, Camille, Pia and Richard – see, you are all either going to or already are in Paris, it makes me envious. And Richard, I do admit that working remotely from Paris sounds quite nice!

    @camille: cassoulet comes up as a special once in a while – when I was there, it was actually duck cassoulet, on one of the coldest, windiest days of the year. It was perfect.

    Sleepless: KL is sort of the other contender, I really loved that city.

  5. ça fait plaisir d’entendre ça, étant de Paris et à Paris!! moi je donnerai tout pour repartir voyager…
    mais welcome in Paris quand vous voulez!
    je vais tester la cantine de Quentin, c’est la bonne saison pour un cassoulet!

  6. Tu as raison, Paris est une magnifique ville et y retourner est toujours un plaisir!!Et tout ces plans de voyages, comment ne pas commencer l´année 2010 en une meilleure facon!C´est génial!!
    Nous on a déja planifié un voyage a Berlin, Paris et après la lune de miel..donc surprise!!
    Bonne année à toi et au plaisir de te lire!!

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