Farewell, dear friend

Hey… You sitting there!

I normally don’t just strike up a conversation with a stranger and introduce myself, but you must have noticed it too – we bear a startling resemblance to one another!

Except, you seem so much more relaxed… so much more laid back than me.  How do you stay so stress-free and careless?  Your biggest worry appears to be making sure that fantastically even, bronze tan doesn’t turn into an itchy peely burn.

And that BEARD – I’ve always wanted to grow one like that but just haven’t had the opportunity.  You know how it is… work and stuff.  Or maybe you don’t.  Maybe you just go where the tides take you, travel with the wind at your back and the sun in your face.  Never really thinking about anything more than one simple thing – enjoying life.

Well, anyway, I must be going.  People to see, things to do… But it was really nice to meet you.  Maybe someday, somewhere we’ll bump into each other again.  Stranger things have happened, you know.  So, farewell dear friend… at least for now.  I’ll miss you.

By the way, what does your shirt mean?

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