Worst Overnight Bus Movies Ever

So a few nights ago on a bus from Ica to Arequipa, on the fancy Cruz Del Sur, they were showing United 93.  It’s not that United 93 is a bad movie, but for me it’s not the kind of thing you want to have going on while eating your scraps of carne, sipping Inca Cola and preparing for some semi-reclined sleep.

Also high on the W.O.B.M.E. (pronounced “wohb-mee”) list – the incredibly depressing movie about a woman dying of Alzheimer’s we saw from Lima to Huaraz.  Who is picking these things and can the bus company just offer them a few sessions of counselling?

Of course, the USA is not immune.  Although not on a night bus (actually, it was a very early morning bus making it arguably worse), the NY-Philly Chinatown bus had the bright idea of showing David Lynch’s Blue Velvet!

A scene from Blue Velvet

A scene from Blue Velvet

Anyway, so as not to finish on a low note, in a shining example of fantastic long distance bus movie fare – ANY bus in China.  I mean, seriously, who doesn’t like hour after hour of sword fighting and martial arts!  Honourable mention for Kangaroo Jack as well.

Now for a little audience participation… what is your best/worst long distance bus movie experience?  Winner gets a partially used pack of Gravol and almost new ear plugs for your next vacation.



  1. Almost new earplugs? Hot damn, I’m in!

    The last time I was in Mexico, I saw this late 80s/early 90s movie where Shannen Doherty turns into a crazed stalker of a sleazy old man living on a yacht. Thank God, it was dubbed–easier to tune out than when it’s in English…

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