Lima Food Planning

My sister made up this song when she went to Peru for the first time and as much as D likes potatoes, we both agreed that we’ll get enough of them even by trying to eat well.

Lundi, qu’est-ce qu’on mange – des patates!

Mardi, qu’est-ce qu’on mange – des patates!

Mercredi, qu’est-ce qu’on mange – des patates!

Jeudi, qu’est-ce qu’on mange – des patates!

Vendredi, qu’est-ce qu’on mange – des patates!

Samedi, qu’est-ce qu’on mange – des patates!

Dimanche, qu’est-ce qu’on mange – des patates et du riz!!!!!!!

I have been looking forward to the food in Peru for the past year and to be honest, the song kind of scared me. I know one can eat well in Peru and I hope to be able to do it even on our budget so here are my research notes from Chowhound.

Chinatown: Peruvian Chinese seems great and I really miss Asian food

–  “Pato con frutas” is one of my favorites.. it’s a sort of sweet and sour duck.

Get anticuchos from a street vendor: marinated, skewered, veal or beef heart. We’ve had some at one of my favorite restaurants in New York and also had a Laos in Vientiane. Can’t wait for the real Peruvian thing.

Try andean trout

And, of course, potatoes:

There are over 200 types of potatoes in Peru.. so keep your eyes out for the SMALL cafes — they’re more likely to have the locally grown ingredients.

Cancha, the toasted corn kernels, served before the meal at cebicherias – I really want to eat ceviche!!!

Coca tea – we have some at the hostel here in PC, will try tomorrow, should be an appetite suppressant, which may help our budget…!

Alpaca meat:

– Pachapapa in Cuzco had an AMAZING alpaca anticucho

– Alpaca loin

Alpaca meat in Cusco from mmm-yoso on Flickr

Alpaca meat in Cusco from mmm-yoso on Flickr

May want to try Astrid y Gaston, a classic that has been recommended by many although it is quite pricey for Peru.

Again, if we feel like spending more than $5 per head , Huaca Pucllana for gourmet traditional Peruvian food.

Pepino Melons – fruits!!!

Marinated sliced radishes – veggies!!!

A few more Cusco notes:

Parallel to Avenida del Sol is a street called Pampas de Castillo, there are several Chicharonerias lining the street. During lunch they wheel some of the fryers into the street, so all you smell is pork and chicken frying.

Enough planning now – off to get some parilla now.


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