Day: May 11, 2009

Strawberry-Ricotta Bruschetta Recipe (Bruschetta aux fraises et à la ricotta) A Stawberry Dessert to Make Us Believe that Summer’s Here

Bruschetta aux fraises et à la ricotta – presqu’assez estival pour nous faire croire au beau temps

English below the French intro.

Strawberry Bruschetta

Une recette qui semble tellement simple, mais qui, un peu comme les lentilles, impressionne à tout coup. Inspirée d’un article de Robert Beauchemin dans une édition de juillet 2006 de La Presse, il doit s’agir de la recette de dessert qu’on refait le plus souvent. À la dernière minute après le souper un soir de semaine  tout comme à l’avance, avec des bonnes fraises du marché. C’est d’ailleurs la recette qui m’a mérité ma réputation d’excellente cuisnière auprès de la mère de D, et ce malgré tous les osso bucco, gigots d’agneaux et pesto maisons qu’on leur concocte à chaque visite. Faut dire q’elle a plutôt été impressionnée par l’audace que j’ai eue d’ajouter, imaginez-vous donc, du poivre fraîchement moulu et du vinaigre balsamique de Modène à la recette originale! J’ai retrouvée une copie de l’originale en français ici.

“Chloe is such a great cook! Once, can you remember Chloe, when we visited in your tiny New York apartment and you made us this amazing dessert with, wait, listen to this: she made us this dessert and put black pepper AND VINEGAR in it – I swear! It was delicious!” – D’s mom, pretty much every time she talks about me cooking*

What else can I say about this recipe? It is an amazing and amazingly simple dessert that D and I have been making over and over again in the past few years. Very few recipes are repeated as regularly as this one but it just seem to be the perfect dessert as it does not demand any planning and as long as you are not making it for a large group, it’s ready in seconds. Obviously, the better the strawberries, the better impression it will leave so although I have always only made it with – watch out, shame on me – Dagostino and Tesco strawberries [cringing], I am keeping an eye out for some nice wild strawberries to make it with soon.

Feel free to vary with whatever you have on hand too: raisin bread, scones, English muffins, multigrain or rye bread… It can also be made with mascarpone but it is nowhere as good and fluffy as with ricotta.

It was taken from a Robert Beauchemin article in Montreal’s La Presse, in July 2006. You can find the French original here.

Makes 4 servings

180g / 3/4 cup fresh ricotta cheese
1 tblsp honey
freshly ground black pepper
4 slices raisin bread
1 tblsp unsalted butter, very soft or melted (I used olive oil)
1 small package of good strawberries (about 12-16)
dash of good aged balsamic vinegar

With a fork, mix the cheese with honey, season with fresh pepper to taste. Toast the bread and rub it with a light touch of butter or oil. Drop a generous spoonful of the cheese and honey mixture on each slice. Decorate with a dash of vinegar and some more honey. Serve immediately.

*D and I have cooked many things for his parents, including ossu busso, lamb shanks and homemade pesto but no: somehow, this is the one thing that marked history.