Ambercup squash and curry soup

La vie après la détox: velouté de potimarron au curry
Comme plusieurs non-Européens, j’ai failli me décourager à la lecture du mot “potimarron” et me rabattre immédiatement sur quelque chose de plus connu, comme une courge musquée, mais une rapide recherche sur Google m’a fait
réaliser que mon supermarché vend bel et bien des courges de ce genre, qu’elles ne sont pas chères en hiver et que ça serait intéressant de tester quelque chose de nouveau. Le résultat? Une des meilleures soupes que j’aie jamais mangée, d’une couleur rouge-orangé magnifique, avec presque zéro gras, le tout prêt en en 30 minutes! La recette est ici.

Post detox – the soup I am still dreaming about

Although we stopped the detox a couple of days early (some friends from Chicago were in town and we decided to go out with them… wine and chocolate cake included. Oh well.)
, it was not because the food wasn’t good or filling. As a matter of fact, I don’t remeber ever eating that much healthy food. It was challenging because I craved the smoothness and rich taste of coffee A LOT and also because the office was overflowing with exotic chocolate people had brought back from their Christmas vacation but the meals themselves were extraordinarily filling and tasty and I did learn a couple of valuable lessons in the process.

For example with dinner: each evening meal would start with a delicious, almost fat-free vegetable soup. A huge bowl, to be honest, which was then followed by a light – but still large – plate of stir fried vegetables. About a tablespoon of oil per serving, some spices or soy sauce and you have an amazingly favourful dinner.

The most surprising for me was the discovery that a meal can be really filling while not including proteins nor carbs and having very little fat. Add the taste of fresh, organic vegetables and what more do you want, reallly? So although I am done banishing things from my diet, I will definitely still indulge in some of these recipes and this without even changing a thing to them.

Here is the one soup that I will make over and over again. The original is here, in the dîner section.

Ambercup squash and curry soup
Any other squash can be used; I would recommend a red kuri or a kabocha squash but starightforward butternut squash will also do.

Serves 2

1 tablespoon olive oil
2 onions, diced
2 small or 1 large amber squash, diced (about 4-6 cups)
2 cubes of organic, low-sodim, fat free vegetable stock
Around 4 cups of water, to taste
1 teaspoon curry paste

Cook onions in oil until translucent. Add squash, stock and water (start with 2 cups and add as desired: the more water, the more liquid your soup will be. Do not worry about not having anough water as you can always add more at the end).

Simmer for 20 minutes and let the mixture cool before adding the curry paste and mixing (blender of hand mixer) to desired consistency. If your soup is too thick, add water to taste and mix.


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