The Continent

As we do every year in order to celebrate our anniversary, D and I spent the last week on holiday. As we planned though, there was one small “problem”: we had tickets for Wimbledon right in the middle of the week, breaking our week off in 2. The one logical option would have been to stay in London, or maybe to plan one short trip but as many of you know, when D wants something, he does not know logical. Hence, we booked not one, but 2 short trips, taking the Eurostar to Belgium on Saturday, coming back late on Tuesday, spending Wednesday at Wimbledon before flying to Stockholm and spending a couple days there before coming back home. Exhausting? Absolutely. Did we switch off though? Completely.

In the next week, I will put some highlights of our trip here, starting with Brussels and then going on to Bruges and Stockholm. To give you an idea however, we have banned alcohol for the next week and are considering a short term raw diet too…

About Chloe254

Québécoise à peu près trentenaire qui fait de son mieux pour vivre bilingue, a Brooklyn et ailleurs. Si les bars a vins acceptaient les enfants et les chiens, et si mon chien savait se comporter en public, le monde serait parfait.

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