Dinner inspiration – Nyonya style

For those who do not know what to make for dinner tonight, how about some nyonya noodles?

Chinese food in Malaysia is called nyonya, which is from the Straits Chinese, Chinese descendants of settlers who came to the area during th Ming dynasty.
Nyonya food contains many of the traditional ingredients of Chinese food and Malay spices and herbs but is eclectically seasoned and different than either Chinese or Malay food. Think of it as the ultimate fusion cooking!

For some inspiration, here is one page from the menu at a delicious hole-in-the-wall we ate at in Kulala Lumpur’S Chinatown yesterday.

Kuala Lumpur J1 036

If you feel adventurous, you may want to try to recreate what was definitely one of the top 5 pork dishes we’ve had: melt in your mouth BBQ pork…

Kuala Lumpur J1 038

Let us know what the results are – and we want that pork recipe if you find one!

More Nyonya recipes:

Malaka Nyonya Laksa from Anatomy of the Mind blog

Nyonya Grilled Shrimp with Coconut Sauce from Food and Wine

An entire – beautiful – website dedicated to nyonya recipes Nyonya Food

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2 responses to “Dinner inspiration – Nyonya style

  1. How many dishes do they propose?!?!?!?!?!
    Does the menu stops at 376???

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